During our daily production, except for a wide range of polyurethane foams, we also use other semi-finished products which are a necessary component of advanced furniture innersprings. They include: spring systems like Bonnell innersprings, MINIO-Bonnells and pocket innersprings as well as additional components such as non-woven needled, polypropylene and fluffy fabrics.  

There are also certain by-products which emerge during the production process. These are: granulated mass, chips and foam waste. We are offering you deliveries of all the said semi-finished products as per the specification mentioned below.

1. Bonnell innersprings and MINI-Bonnells

We provide deliveries of bonnell and mini-bonnell innersprings within the range of wire diameters  from 2,0 up to 2,5 mm, according to the following types:

2. Pocket Innersprings

We are offering all possible execution varieties of pocket innersprings starting from extremely popular solutions types FullFlex and ZoneFlex, through advanced systems type MultiFlex, Micro 1000S and MultiFlex 2000S, up to quite new solutions in this segment of innersprings type LowFlex and LowFlex Super. The last ones, because of their low heights of execution from 4,5 up to 7 cm can be used not only in mattresses but also in upholstered furniture.

3. Non-woven Furniture Fabrics

Our offer includes non-woven fabrics in basic weights of 300 - 600 g/m2 in three kinds of execution.

  • GETEX - non-impregnated
  • DOALEN - impregnated
  • JATEX - non-impregnated and additionally impregnated with fabric with PP.

Non-woven fabric is delivered in rolls 50 running metres in length and 2 metres in width. We also offer non-standard width of rolls as well as cutting of fabric according to a given dimension. 

4. Pillows

We are offering you a full range of pillow fillings, such as: silicone balls, polyurethane foam granulated mass, so-called "spaghetti" filling, we mean strips of foam and the mixture of the previously mentioned materials, in various proportions.

5. Granulated mass of polyurethane foam

6. Polyurethane foam chips

7. Non-sorted polyurethane foam waste

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