In all our former business undertakings we were guided by one purpose during the fulfillment of our tasks, namely, insurance of high quality of manufactured goods. And this time likewise. We started opening a factory for polyurethane foam processing through examining the opinion of our prospective contractors, manufacturers of upholstered furniture and mattresses, from an angle of expectations related to their sub-contractors and goods offered by them. And again it proved that the most significant factor in the future co-operation shall remain the maintenance of high quality of products. 


A multi-stage control of the production process from the moment of accepting raw materials to store to the moment of punctual delivery of products to a customer is of great importance for the maintenance of anticipated quality level of the offered goods. Since the very beginning of factory existence we have focused on the initiation of quality control which will, in the nearest future,  bear fruit in the form a certified system of quality control.


The other essential elements which allow to manufacture goods up to the European level are: high automation of production and well trained and motivated staff. We have been consistently trying to realise each of the mentioned elements from the point of view of anticipated quality targets.

We have been taking our customers' needs into consideration. This allows us to improve ourselves, our co-workers as well as the products offered by us.

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