KAREN-PIANKI company has already been regarded as a reliable subcontractor of the biggest manufacturers of furniture and mattresses in Poland and in the south of Europe. The idea of opening a factory for processing of polyurethane foam was connected with the still growing demand for more processed semi-finished products designed for the market of  furniture manufacturers.

Taking advantage of KAREN company's 20-year long experience as a deliverer of innersprings for furniture industry as well as 35-year long experience of the company's founder in the production process of upholstered furniture and mattresses we created a company called KAREN-PIANKI. On the basis of high quality polyurethane foam manufactured by Polish leading producers and innersprings delivered by the KAREN company we started production of ready-made innerspring-foam inserts and complex foam shapes for the purposes of furniture and mattresses manufacturers. During the past four years we have broadened our production with all possible groups of semi-finished products applicable in a widely understood processing of polyurethane foam.


Since the very beginning of our company's business activity we have been introducing automation and information technology in production by means of installing computer aided centres for polyurethane foam cutting. Investing in new technologies and well trained staff enabled us to offer a top quality product

Thanks to that we can meet even most demanding expectations of our contractors.

o_firmie_3.jpgWe participate in many trade fairs, trying to bring offered products and our mission to our partners. Our efforts were recognized in an edition of the fair "FURNICA". The jury awarded the medal of Acanthus AUREUS for common exhibition of the companies KAREN Sp. J. and KAREN-PIANKI. Jury justified the decision:
 "The Acantus Aureus contest is aimed at the assessment of not only the stand design but also its adaptation to the execution of marketing strategy of the company. A stand should be conducive to achieve marketing purposes and facilitate contacts with customers. The Jury of ACANTUS AUREUS contest, chaired by Prof. Henryk Mruk has honoured companies: KAREN Sp.j. and KAREN-PIANKI."

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