On the basis of KAREN SP.J.'s longtime experience in logistics of  based on the catchphrase "Just in time", we created the concepts of road transport for the purposes of polyurethane foam processing.

We have established a principle that almost 100% of orders effected by us is delivered by means of our own transport. The establishment of such a concept enabled us to relieve our customers from the problems related to material logistics and to economically determine the costs of transport.

KAREN-PIANKI company has at its disposal a modern fleet of motor vehicles including units of 25 up to 120m3 of cubic capacity. Such a wide randge of quantity of transported goods allows us to optimise the terms of orders execution as well as the time necessary to quickly deliver our shipment. We ensure an efficient delivery of products offered by us to a place named by our contractors.

We assume that in order to meet the requirements connected with transport logistics it is necessary to possess an expended and specialised fleet of motor vehicles. Being experienced in co-operation with transport companies, we have , therefore, established co-operation with the biggest Polish  forwarding agents. It has enabled us to further differentiate the quantity of offered shipments.

This kind of work organisation allows us to efficiently render logistics services of not only Polish firms but also our contractors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. Specialised forwarding firms provide delivery of even single pallets with goods on the territory of the whole Europe within the time not exceeding 72 hours.

We shall make an effort to meet your all expectations in the field of commodity logistics.

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